Thursday, 8 September 2011

Wacky Wheelz

This is the FABULOUS new downloads from Just Inklined, whether you need to make a quick card with a coloured print and embellishment or you want to personalise the car with a favourite colour theme and colour your own, outstanding value because once purchased you can print these to your hearts content.

Buy now from here

The backgrounds may look the same but they are actually a "blue"print of the car that is in the set.

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Maryann said...

They are really awesome all of them, but I just have a question, cause as far as I can see, the other sheets in each pack is the same in all of them, and who needs 8 downloads of the same sheets, so isn´t it possible to buy all the cars in a set with the other sheets just once? It seems a bit crazy to me, to buy 8 sets, where only one sheet is different from all the other sets???
But I must say, I really love these cars, they´re just so cute and awesome, and will make some stunning cards for both males and females, that´s for sure.